WoW I Feel Violated

So I finally had a few spare moments last night to finally log into World of Warcraft and catch up with some of my friends, maybe finish a quest or two, slowly inch my way towards level 70 so I could play with the big kids. Upon login, I am greeted by this:
Not good.

Could just be a glitch though, right? Stranger things have been known to happen. I go ahead and select my old buddy Rande here on the Ysera server, and find myself in an unfamiliar place.
Naked in the bank by a mailbox. Never a good sign.

Yes, my account was hacked, everything sellable I had was sold, the money more than likely mailed to someone on the other end of that mailbox and then mailed again and again, until it became all but untraceable.

You never think this’ll happen to you, but there it is. Don’t know if I got hit up by a key logger or what, but everything I played so hard for is gone. It’s all fake stuff mind you, but I logged in expecting to get some quests done and hang out with my friends, and now that’s not going to happen. Bastards.

Not going to beg though. I put in a petition and was answered within 30 minutes. Much faster than I expected, though I did namedrop Kotaku just a little bit. The GM took my information and escalated it to investigations, assuring me that they will be able to help me recover my things, which would be pretty spiffy of them.

Now I set about the task of changing my passwords for just about everything, just in case. Pondering cleaning my hard drive off and starting fresh, just in case. It’s enough to make me want to buy a Mac.

My suggestion? Monitor the hell out of your computer for items running that you don’t know, change your password on a regular basis, and don’t get too attached to the items you’ve collected, because tomorrow they might not be there. Michael Fahey


Blacksmith may get more metals from miner and machining them to advanced Items

There are so many unique Items cannot be found neither from merchants nor monsters but blacksmith may. The skills of making weapon, helm which suitable for paladin and warrior can be traded or use to prompt damage points. And some staff which made by blacksmith may make up for enchanted skill

If you want to be a blacksmith, you may think over to be a miner as your second profession. Mining may get more metals which made by ore, then to smith mass items. The staff may contain stone where you can find from different place. Usually, so many blacksmith would like get epic stone from others. The others staff like skin, you may exchange from skinner.
To be a smith
First of all, you must earn enough money and then find a smith-trainer which you may search everybody all around.
Smith-trainer always located on smelter or stith near by. Press “P” to open your skill-book when you have learned smith already, and find the key of “smith”. Now you need a harmer which is used to smith, you may find it from merchant anywhere around smith-trainer. The harmer must be needs but stith will not.
You may choose specialize in weapon or defended-item when you arrive a certain level. Weapon smith can be separated for Glaive, Axe, and Hammer. You can choose what you like and smith items with high redoubtable.
Extra Information
There are so many smith-trainers all around world, who may teach you prescription new and special,
You may either make exchange with others or hunt monsters in order to get staff
Special mission for blacksmith….
to be continue…..

My experience for WOW

I am the one of plays on Vashj US sever which guild is Unequivoacl, and my ID is SuperTank
It’s more exciting when comes to database film. We may prompt item property through inlayed stone which can be exchanged by emblem, 2 Gold, or honor point. The best stone is covered by stone artisan. If you want to gain a various property, you make have full skill in lapidary.
When it reached LV.70, the way to get item is more viable: counterpart, battlefield, a-heater, and of course the prestige.
The best item always come from a 10 group which in counterpart.
It’s the same war-items with higher property but still meet a gap with epic item
Prestige is good item which is epic in blue helm, but may have a little violet in part, having more restrictive in lacking all of parts. Good luck.
By the way, the best method to hunt a prestige helm is using hero-classified counterpart, which are all over the violet Item. Otherwise, getting in focus on prestige point shall be more smart, when playing the game, it should be more relax.
A piece of words about guild to open up a wild-world:
Believing you may find NAXX all around internet, and all over lv.70 character with high level item & familiar hunting route, our guild got through that after 1 week.
Karazhan, did not fighting us every day, costing us 2 weeks involved with monsters and Boss. Our guild is the first to pass that place. To use right way with skilled cooperation, above all, is only words I want to say.
About 25 people counterpart in High King Maulgar, returned to the day we got through Karazhan, we were exciting and getting to that counterpart, destroyed a epic monster but unfortunately the Boss there chopped at him around 16000 HP, dead. I should have my shield opening and wished to fight but in vain. Finally, we got off with tired body, called it a day.
In addition, in outland, including 5 people counterpart that the Key Mission which almost in all counterpart, have more difficulty in flight with boss who have advanced skill and Item. My may discuss these later, anyway it’s hard then before. The key point is have more force on cooperation and team work, and it’s unviable if you fighting only with T3 Item.
Enough I think due to there are so many assignment waiting for me. A little random here, and I will make up when something come out of my mind, hoping a little help. Don’t fall back, anyway, everybody fuel! If some one want to be a warrior, in my experience, whether you can driven it well or not depends on how do you recognized of warrior which have more duty in the game, and continue to march.
There are so many words about T4 and T5, only for sure is T4 come out from Karazhan with emblem which may exchanged a hand helm from NPC. T5 has so many uncertain elements that can not be beat. If I got some, I will tell you later for some of us did it ever. Anyway, I think, a 10 group all of lv70 in counterpart may do better then 40, but not absolutely.

The Green magic wand


Enjoy life,enjoy World of Warcarft.

There are lots of magic wand in the game life ,but normally they can be find in the following kinds.

1.Solitaire Wand of the Invoker[+ Intellect, + Spell Damage and Healing, + Spell Critical Strike Rating]
2.Solitaire Wand of the Sorcerer[+ Stamina, + Intellect, + Spell Damage and Healing]
3.Solitaire Wand of the Physician[+ Stamina, + Intellect, + Healing]
4.Solitaire Wand of the Prophet[+ Intellect, + Spirit, + Healing]
5.Solitaire Wand of the Eagle[+ Intellect, + Stamina]
6.Solitaire Wand of the Whale[+ Spirit, + Stamina]
7.Solitaire Wand of the Owl[+ Intellect, + Spirit]
8.Solitaire Wand of Intellect[+ Intellect]
9.Solitaire Wand of Stamina[+ Stamina]
10.Solitaire Wand of Spirit[+ Spirit]
11.Solitaire Wand of Fiery Wrath[+ Fire Damage]
12.Solitaire Wand of Healing[+ Healing]
13.Solitaire Wand of Frozen Wrath[+ Frost Damage]
14.Solitaire Wand of Arcane Wrath[+ Arcane Damage]
15.Solitaire Wand of Shadow Wrath[+ Shadow Damage]

Funeral Ambush

Obviously fake… The Horde who managed to get to Winterspring wouldn’t die like a lvl 5 noob. It’s nonsense, considering that ther must have been 20 Horde there, and maybe 5 alliance.

LOL! WoW sucks… But you want on a private server…. yeah… Idiot.