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Blacksmith may get more metals from miner and machining them to advanced Items

There are so many unique Items cannot be found neither from merchants nor monsters but blacksmith may. The skills of making weapon, helm which suitable for paladin and warrior can be traded or use to prompt damage points. And some staff which made by blacksmith may make up for enchanted skill

If you want to be a blacksmith, you may think over to be a miner as your second profession. Mining may get more metals which made by ore, then to smith mass items. The staff may contain stone where you can find from different place. Usually, so many blacksmith would like get epic stone from others. The others staff like skin, you may exchange from skinner.
To be a smith
First of all, you must earn enough money and then find a smith-trainer which you may search everybody all around.
Smith-trainer always located on smelter or stith near by. Press “P” to open your skill-book when you have learned smith already, and find the key of “smith”. Now you need a harmer which is used to smith, you may find it from merchant anywhere around smith-trainer. The harmer must be needs but stith will not.
You may choose specialize in weapon or defended-item when you arrive a certain level. Weapon smith can be separated for Glaive, Axe, and Hammer. You can choose what you like and smith items with high redoubtable.
Extra Information
There are so many smith-trainers all around world, who may teach you prescription new and special,
You may either make exchange with others or hunt monsters in order to get staff
Special mission for blacksmith….
to be continue…..


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Warlock’s Guide to Pets – Voidwalker

This mini-guide is written by a Destruction Spec’d Human Warlock – Razadarkstar – GARONA server. It is meant for the general usage of the Voidwalker, not specifics as a Demonology spec’d Warlock could utilize.

Cost to summon: 80% of Base Mana pool
Reagents: Soul Shard
Cast Time: 10 Seconds

Torment – Available at level 10
5 yd range
Taunts the creature, increasing the chance that it will attack the Voidwalker.

Sacrifice – Available at level 16
50000 yd range
Sacrifices the Voidwalker, giving its owner a shield that will absorb XXX damage for 30 sec. While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage.

Consume Shadows – Available at level 18
5 yd range
The Voidwalker consumes nearby shadows to bolster its form, recovering XXX health over 10 sec. Cannot be used while in combat.

Suffering – Available at level 24
Taunts all enemies within 10 yards, increasing the chance that they will attack the Voidwalker.
Cooldown 2 minutes

Welcome to the workhorse of the Demons in your stable. Even if you go Demonology spec’d, you still don’t have this kind of up front aggro control at your disposal until level 50. But enough about them, this is about the “Blueberry” specifically.

The Voidwalker(VW) is your own personal Protection Spec’d Tank. He has single and AoE taunt capabilities and will be your primary pet for most solo activity. He can also serve as a light duty tank for small groups questing as well. This is the pet that makes Warlock Farmers so darn effective. He can Tank while we pick herbs or mine nodes.

Basic execution: You always want to lead in with the VW. He should be taking primary aggro so that you can apply your DoTs and prepare for bigger damage spells. After a while you will be able to gauge distance, and the time it takes to apply certain effects. I send him in and start Corruption. I have the timing down now so that the VW has already done his first taunt before the DoT applies.

Important Note: In the Warlock/Voidwalker combo, the first one of you to get the aggro will be more inclined to keep it. If you haven’t gotten your timing for the DoTs down right, just wait for the VW to get there and actually attack. Then start your standard attack routine.

Using the Taunts: This is one of the primary functions of the VW.

Single Target Taunt: Until you are level 24 you only have single target taunts available with Torment. Put Torment on Auto in your pet action bar. You will want the VW to keep re-applying it as you do damage to hold the aggro. There will be many times that you have done too much aggro for the VW to hold it, but with any luck you have all of your DoTs applied and are calling in the big thunder with Shadow Bolts or other spells to drop the enemy quickly.

In the beginning, if you have multiple enemies to manage you will need to change targets during the fight. With Torment on auto, it will taunt the next target.

Know what the animation for your taunt looks like. Currently the animation is a flash of Purple. It won’t take you long to easily recognize the effect.

AoE Taunt: At Level 24 you get Suffering: This is a great asset to your survivability. You will inevitably run into a situation where you are fighting an enemy and you get adds for one reason or another. Now you have multiple enemies to fight. You don’t have to do direct damage to an enemy to attract their attention. Suffering will keep a group of enemies focused on your VW.

You will see another flash of purple on multiple targets when this is activated.

Keep Suffering in the off state in your Pet action bar. You will want to pick and choose the times you use this for two reasons:
1. The 2 minute recharge time. It won’t be able for every fight if you are working the mobs hard. At best you can get every other group with it.
2. Heavy mana cost from your VW. You can restore his health, but not his mana. Make sure that your VW is going to have enough mana to execute it for the fight. I’ve been caught a couple of times with an out of mana VW and trying to get a bunch off of me. It can’t save you if he can’t cast it.
Reminder: This is written by a Destruction Spec’d Warlock, and simply general information. Demonology Spec’d Warlocks may have other options for giving the pet more or additional mana.

Common uses for the AoE Taunt: This is a great tool to use if you are working over an instance or area with large groups. Even with a Tank on the team, you can improve their survivability by pulling a little of the aggro off of them. In most cases the Warriors are not using their AoE taunts to manage the aggro, and sometimes you are working with a non-protection spec’d Warrior or other type of Tank.

Send in the VW, find a centralized target in the mob, click Suffering. After you see the purple flash, call up your Rain of Fire and burn them down! This technique can also be used in solo situations where you have an enemy that spawns multiple little annoyances like Oozes. Knowing your enemies is a big part of proper execution.

Off Tanking: This is the practice of keeping a secondary enemy Tanked/occupied while the primary Tank keeps one enemy so focused on them that the group can take it down without drawing aggro to themselves. In many cases where you have a Fury spec’d Warrior running point, they will be able to take less incoming DPS. So take some of the load off of them and the healer. Your pet is disposable after all, and your team mates are “virtually” alive. Most of the time you will be called upon for other means of crowd control with different pets, but for some of the earlier learning stages of your development as a Warlock, get comfortable with the “Off Tanking” job for the times it will be needed.

You should, at some point, know a little more about what pet is required for each situation. This is part of the learning process that never ends, but you do get proficient with some pets earlier on.

A prime example: The first pull in Dead Stratholme gets us killed 50% of the time. Even with level 60’s. Why? Other than comments about inexperience, it really falls down to it being very difficult to split the first few mobs at the gate. We get more than we want almost every time. So, my change in strategy was to have the VW ready for the first pull. I’m ready to use the AoE taunt to pull as much aggro off the Tank as possible. And if things still go bad, I can Sacrifice the VW for a shield and run for the door if I have to. After the first pull, it’s the Fire Imp back out for his buff and we let the Tank do their job.

Sacrifice Shielding: Paladins aren’t the only class with a magical shield, our VWs also give us a timely escape tool that can be used in a couple of different ways.

The first and foremost use for this spell is “cut and run!”. When things have gone to hell(Warlock joke) and you know that the team is going to wipe. Sacrifice your VW and get outta there. I also commonly use this when farming and I get just too many adds to manage.

An important thing to take note of though…… You cannot Sacrifice a dead VW! If things are going that bad, he may be gone already. Pay attention! Being aware of your surroundings and team condition is paramount to being effective in the game. If you see your VW’s life dropping fast, Sacrifice him. Then hope you can rely on your team or other Warlock skills to get you out of the jam.

I have used the VW Sacrifice in some really long boss fights. An example of this is the Ragnaros fight in Molten Core. I would summon my VW. Place him in a location shielded from the AoE attacks from Rags. When things got too hairy for my life bar I would Sacrifice the VW for the protective shield.

Healing your Voidwalker: You do still have the standard Health Funnel to keep him healed, but the VW has a health recovery spell all his own:

Consume Shadows: Although you will have to be out of combat to use it, this is a very effective tool to keep the farming, questing or instance run moving forward. As soon as you are out of combat, get his life recharging as soon as you can. It is a bit expensive on the mana end, so be mindful of your VW’s mana reserves as you go. This feature really makes grinding efforts keep moving forward when you are farming for materials or specific drops.

Health Funnel: This is your other pet healing spell. With the other pets, you use it less. With the VW performing it’s role as Tank, you will use it most often with this pet. There will be plenty of Off Tanking situations where you will need to recharge his health. Especially when it comes to Elemental Tanking, which I will be writing a separate guide up for.

Easily interrupted, try to make sure the VW has most of the aggro. You can still maintain a target lock on your primary enemy, and when you activate the spell, it will heal your pet regardless. This is a huge advantage in the usage of the power. In many cases you are simply maintaining your Tank waiting for some other Warlock effect to trigger. You get your notification of an instant cast or other effect and you do not have to switch targets when you are funneling your health to the VW before executing the DPS spell.

Following it up with Death Coil, or Life Tap to regain some of what you transferred is helpful.

Complimenting curse: I find that I am taking advantage of more Shadow spells to recharge the VW, and my own health. So I believe that Curse of Shadow available at level 44 is best to use with it. But until then you can just keep the damage flowing with Curse of Agony.

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I know there have been 2 posts already about the Warlock Imp and Warlock voidwalker, so i will not go into those.

Starting: What race to choose?
Well first of course, it depends if you like horde or alliance. Don’t care? Let this help you decide
Alliance: Your options for alliance are Human and gnome. Gnomes have more intellect (Mana) and more armor. They also have the ability “Escape artist” Which is great for pvp. Humans have more health, spirit and strength. The health is great, and humans have “perception” which is good for killing rogues. Overall i would recommend the Human.

Horde: Your options for horde are blood elf, Orc, or Undead. Orcs have high stamina and hp, but fairly low intellect and armor. Undead have high spirit and average everything else. They also have the ability to become immune to fear. Blood elves have high intellect, and average everything else. Overall, for dps pick bloodelves, health pick orc, or for everything else, Undead.

There are 3 categories of talents for a warlock. Affliction, which focuses on spell damage over time, DoTs. Demonolgy, which focuses on survivability and a strong pet, and destruction, which is built for high burst damage.

Affliction: Affliction is mainly a leveling build, that focuses on a warlock’s DoTs. Unstable affliction, siphon life, Dark pact and nightfall are talents that are wanted. The talent tree can be found here http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classe…ck/talents.html . One example of a good talent tree would be

This gives you all the Affliction benefits, and some demonolgy buffs. For PVE, You should have the imp out at all times. You start by using all your DoT’s, and then drain life till death. The drain life will keep your hp up, and the dark pact will keep your mana up. Use dark pact for mana, and you have pretty much non-stop grinding. If you want, you can also just run in an area, and DoT everyone there, with siphon life. Use howl of terror, bandaid up, and wait for DoTs to kill. This is very fun, and effective and can make a lot of exp come in, fast. In PVP, you put DoTs on everyone you see, and shadowbolt the rest. At least get siphon life on, so you get alot of bonus hp.

Demonolgy: The main talents here are Fel dom., Soul link, demonic sacrifice and the Felgaurd. This build is great for leveling once you get the Felgaurd, as it is as good of an aggro holder as the voidwalker, and does the damage of a succubus. Demo. Locks have high hp, and will survive long in battles. The strat. For pve as a demo. lock is to send in your felgaurd, put on your DoTs, and Drainlife/lifetap till death. IN pvp, its pretty basic, just DoT, fear, and have your felgaurd whaling on the enemy. Keep hp high with drain life, and if needed life tap for health. A good build would be http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classe…000000000000000
as you can get all benefits from Demo. and you get Amplify curse and some uniterupted Drainlife.

Destruction locks are normally PVP oriented, and are specced for high damage. Talents that are popular are Ruin, conflag, and shadowfury. Theese kinds of locks are very fragile, and easily killed. THey can also easily kill, however. I do not recommend this build for PVE, as you will die quickly. The strat is to keep your succubus out, or have the imps Demo sacrfice buff on for fire damage. DoT them, use immolate, Incenerate, and conflag. Throw in a Shadow fury and some shadowbolts. Common builds are
This talent build is known as the glass cannon build, as you will do alot of damage fast, with occasional instant SB, but will die easy. Also,
Will give you a little less damage but much more survivability.

Warlocks have many pets for them to use, and should take advantage of each one.

Imp: See other post
Voidwalker: See other post
Succubus: The succubus is a high dps pet, with invisibility and seduce. The succubus is commonly used against warriors and rouges, as seduce is handy. For rogues, they will get seduced as soon as they attack you, or for warriors, you can seduce, soulfire, DoT, fear, Trinket, SB, deathcoil, SB and he should be dead. This pet is obtanined at lvl 20.
Felhunter: This pet is amazing against casters. HE can eat buffs life a priests shield, and a druids mark of wild, and spell lock, which stops spells in that school from being cast for 6 seconds. Usefull against Mages, Priests, Druids, and Pallys, and shaman. Basically all Caster classes. It is smart to keep spell lock off untill you see the person heal, when you should use it. Obtained at lvl 30.

Inferno: THis thing is amazing in Pvp, if used right. This is what is popular, when you see a group of people. Have VW out, run in, sacrifce, summon INferno, while there stunned you wait 2 seconds, then shadow fury, then you Howl of terror and run. This kills alot of people fast, and is very fun. In PVE, i dont reccomend it. Obtained at lvl 55.
Felguard: The Felgaurd is a great pet, overall. It can hold aggro better than a voidwalker, and has more dps than a succubus. It has cleave, and is amazing for pvp and pve. IF you have this pet, i reccomend using it. Obtained at lvl 50.

Doomgaurd: Wow. This pet can single handedly take out 2 or more enemy players by itself. It is a hassle to keep out, hard to summon, and doesnt last long under your control. IT does, however, do amazing dps and has amazing hp. Note, it can and will kill you if u dont keep it enslaved. Obtained at lvl 60.

As a warlock, you should look for +stamina and +spell damage. Below is a chart for the spell damage effects on spells.

Shadow bolt ~86%
Shadowburn 43%
Death Coil 23%
Drain Life: 100%
Siphon Life: 100%
Curse of Agony: 160%
Corruption: 120%
Curse of Doom: 400%
Drain Soul: 290%
Unstable Affliction: 120%

Searing pain 43%
Rain of Fire 35%
Hellfire 30%
Immolate’s Nuke 20%(from the original post or 35% according to Psy, but I have never checked).
Immolate’s DoT 57% (or 68%?)
Conflagrate 40%

(Note this chart isn’t mine, forget where I found it”.

So if you have 100 spell damage, and your normal shadow bolts hit for 1000 damage, it will now hit for 1086 damage.


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Well I know I wrote one of these up before, but alas it is lost so here is another guild to SCREEN SHOTS!
1. How to take a screenshot:
a. To take a screen shot in World of Warcraft simply hit the print screen key, this is standard with most games, the shot will be whatever you see in game, from whatever prospective you see it.
b. If you want a CLEAN shot, without names and your UI (user interface) and junk showing your going to want to use ALT + Z, this will turn your interface on and off, as well as character names so you can have a clean screen shot.
c. If you want a Semi-Clean shot. If you want to show just character names without guild tags or your UI without character names, something of this nature you can go into your Interface Options and decide weather or not to show character names, show guild tags, show NPC names, etc.
d. Clean Shots – Pt.2: I would suggest zooming in (home key) as far as possible to take a clean shot, that way your toons head is not in every picture you take, it makes for a nicer screen shot and looks nicer on the site, this is unless you want to picture to be of your character.
e. Screen Shots for Short People: I would suggest those of us that are short out there (gnomes, dwarves for example) to mount, zoom in and then take the screen shot, it usually adds a much nicer prospective to the screen shot than constantly looking up at everything. That is just my opinion.
2. Now that I took the shot where is it?
a. Screenshots are automatically saved to your worldofwarcraft/Screenshots folder; this will more than likely be found on your computer under c: programfiles. The default name of your screenshot will be WoWScrnShot_# the number is the month, day, year and file location. For example: WoWScrnShot_013007_195458.tga was taken on January 30, 2007 at 20:55. If you know approximately when you took the shot you are looking for it will make it easier, if not then you will have to convert them all.
3. How do I look at .tga files? These aren’t pictures…a. To see a .tga file on your computer you have to convert it to a .jpg, .bmp, or some other type of image. To do this you need a converting program. One of the best ones I have found can be downloaded for free at this site. http://www.softinterface.com/Convert-Image/Convert-JPG.htm It is a simple program and that website will talk you through using it, but basically you right click the file you want to convert and it will convert it into an image (of the extension you choose) and it will then save it either as a converted copy with the same name or any name you choose.
4. I can see may picture, now what?
a. Now you can share your pictures with your friends, make a screensaver, desktop wallpaper, whatever you choose to do. If you want to post the image on GameAmp it must follow our guildlines which includes some of the following:
i. Crop out chat boxes (better yet use ALT-Z for posted images)
ii. Do not submit multiple screenshots of your character in different locations doing nothing. (ie zoom in)
b. Another tip is that your screenshot should not be more than around 1024×768 or it might not upload on gameamp. If you are told automatically that file is too large you can crop it or simply resave it at a lower resolution, but that is a decent resolution to work from, and usually what I submit mine at.
5. I have all these pictures I want to share with friends, where can I put them?
a. If you have pictures you simply want to share with your wow friends I suggest using a site such as http://www.photobucket.com to store your screenshots online where your friends can look at them, you can link to them, and use them in siggies and avatars. I use it, and I know a lot of other staffers use it (the GW guys got me hooked!)

Well I think that should answer all your basic questions about taking screenshots, converting them, finding them and sharing them. Hope to see some armature photographer’s work soon! As always I love to see you in combat beating on a big baddy!

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First of all ,ZS MS SS + any 2 professions, which better if one of Hunter (details below we will give) to make a group, Actually ,every profession have opportunity to use Bug which exactly in the game to gain your PVP ,the key point is ,MS healing skill must be in high way in order to keep body’s alive .

First step is, going through DK in a general way ,then team leader commit self-murder(As mine is a hunter, so me illuminate it first), It is useless to log off with Alt+F4 ,which the essay goes all round internet ,one more thing, some of F need making a group but sometimes dropping off with accident . The way of mine to solve it is , changing group , all of member going back to character-choosing interface(Hold the team) except team leader, after 3 or 5 minutes logging in together with all of your faith(don’t hurry, we may try at most 5 times per hour), some of yours may say he cant changing the group when you all come back ….take it easy, here we go ….

Second step is the key point. The team leader’s ghost almost close to the door when all of team member off line, replacing FB and reloading again. Notice! The very key point is, going through FB in hurry after replaced. If you forget it, you may log off and replace it. One of member may come back early and appear at FB doorway, when others have not logging, it will be okay when SS is on and 3 member of 4 there. Point: some of yours must in FB when others log replacing the FB.

The third step, keep team leader away when all of yours on line already. If others going to kill DK directly, every time it will have PVP gained only 50 points, and within one hour, it may gain 250 point at most. So it must open the second door to touch off DK’s debuff which may keep in 45 Minutes. About the way to open the door, it also can be done as FS and MS kill 3 piles of monsters when others keeping back away from them. But its really the stupid way, in my opinion, the easy way to open it is, going along with right wall (back of house), it will avoid 2 piles of monsters which in front of you. Keep BB away from the wall and beat changing with recovery mode in monster, then change mode back of protection, monster would go to beat back BB, Hunter would hurry up to open the door ,after that Hunter would run away from BB, whenever it will dieing either coming back later! The point is 1. don’t touch the box, if you did that , run away to avoid take your time. 2. Keep Hunter’s location in the absent. 3. Don’t trap there if Hunter really won’t want to waste time to lie there around 30 seconds, you have to focus on open the door and save your time at meanwhile! Don’t let 74 to be, its none sense but only if there don’t have any Hunter. 74 cant break away from fight when opening the door and will die, but come back again with FB to relive ,it also will be okay but a little bother.

One more thing I have to mention is about group, I haven’t tried to touch off DEBUFF which may keep 45 minutes without making a group, for it’s 5 person ,in order to save time and make it safe, to be a group before touch it. The way to get back in group is , team leader kick all of member when they on line already ,and team break, , then re-add them again, that’s all.
At the last, SS go along with team leader, to make up Buff, opening……
About how to distribute, for 1 hour only can fight 5 times and a team with 5 people……you may do it yourself but don’t be too corrupt to make a group. And choose guild or good friend as your team maker.
Enough is enough….take it easy. You will seeing to gain 1000+ PVP in stone is very easy ,and you will get item also ,dude ? Hope you will be the master of the game very soon .

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