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Small Vanity Pets

So, everyone sees them and loves them, thought I would make a guide to them.
Small Pets:
You can find them, buy them, quest for them. They will never disappear unless it says it has a Charge *(such as three charges on it)* They are small and will follow you around.

I. Vendor Pets and Looted Pets (Looted marked with ***):
a. Cats
i. Orange tabby – 40s – Elwynn Forest near Stormwind
ii. Silver Tabby – 40s – Elwynn Forest near Stormwind
iii. Bombay – 40s – Elwynn Forest near Stormwind
iv. Cornish Rex – 40s – Elwynn Forest near Stormwind
v. White Kitten – 60s – Elwynn Forest near Stormwind
vi. Black Tabby – *** – Dalaran
vii. Siamese – *** – Deadmines

b. Owl
i. Great Horned Owl – 50s – Darnassus
ii. Hawk Owl – 50s – Darnassus
c. Rabbit
i. Snowshoe– 20s – Dun Morogh
ii. Brown Rabbit – 10g – Netherstorm – Stormspire
d. Ancona Chicken – 1g – Thousand Needles – Shimmering Flats

e. Cockroach – 50s – Undercity

f. Frog
i. Tree Frog – 1g – Mulgore & Elwynn Forest
ii. Wood Frog – 1g – Elwynn Forest & Mulgore

g. Parrot
i. Cockatiel – 40s – Stranglethorn Vale – Booty Bay
ii. Senegal – 40s – Stranglethorn Vale – Booty Bay
iii. Green Wing Macaw – *** – Defias – Deadmines
iv. Hyacinth Macaw – *** – Bloodsails – Stranglethron Vale

h. Prairie Dog – 50s – Thunder Bluff

i. Snake
i. Black Kingsnake – 50s – Orgrimmar
ii. Brown Snake – 50s – Orgrimmar
iii. Crimson Snake – 50s – Orgrimmar

j. Engineering Pets
i. Mechanical Squirrel – Copper Modulator, Handful of Copper Bolts, Copper Bar, Malachite
ii. Lifelike Mechanical Toad – Living Essence, Thorium Widget (x4), Gold Power Core, Rugged Leather
iii. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti – Cured Rugged Hide, Thorium Widget (x4), Glove of Water (x2), Truesilver Transformer (x2), Gold Power Core

k. Dragonhawk
i. Silver Dragonhawk hatchling – 50s – Eversong Woods
ii. Red Dragonhawk Hatchling – 50s – Eversong Woods
iii. Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling – 50s – Eversong Woods
iv. Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling – 10g – Netherstorm – Stormspire

l. Moth
i. Blue Moth Egg – 50s – The Exodar
ii. White Moth Egg – 50s – The Exodar
iii. Yellow Moth – 50s – The Exodar
iv. Red Moth Egg – 10g – Netherstorm – Stormspire

m. Mana Wyrmling – 40g – Netherstorm – Stormspire
n. Disgusting Oozeling (Debuff aura when out) – *** – Felwood, Plaguelands

o. Felhunter Guardian – *** – super rare – Duskwood
p. Ghost saber Guardia – ***- Extremely rare – Darshore
q. Hound – Dog Whistle – 3 chargers – *** – Scarlet monastery

r. Whelpings
i. Dark Whelping – *** – Dustwallow Marsh – Whelps
ii. Tiny Crimson Whelping – *** – Wetlands – Whelps
iii. Tiny Emerald Whelpling – *** – Swamp of Sorrows – Whelps

II. Quest Reward Pets

a. Chickens
i. Prairie chicken – Quest: CLUCK! – Westfall
ii. Mechanical Chicken – Quest: An OOX of Your Own – Booty Bay

b. Captured Flame – Midsummer Festival Quest – A Light in Dark Places (lvl 60+ Dungeon quest)
c. Piglet’s Collar – Children’s Week quest reward – Warden for the Alliance/Horde
d. Rag Cage – Children’s Week Quest: Warden for the Alliance/Horde
e. Turtle Box – Children’s Week Quest: Warden for the Alliance/Horde
f. Kwee Q. Peddlefeet – Valentine’s Day adoration Boxes quests
g. JubJub – Darkmoon Faire Special Prize – need 2 Dark Iron Ale to buy this, available from the Bar in Blackrock Depths.
h. Robot – Quest: Gnomish Engineering Membership Card Renewal (lvl 45+)
i. Bomb – Quest: Goblin Engineering Membership Card Renewal (Lvl 45+)
j. Sprite Darter – Questline: Freedom of all Creatures – Alliance Side Only
k. Spider – Quest: An-Ay-Es-Tee-Why – BRS Quest
l. Worg Pup – Quest: Kibler’s Exotic Pets
m. Parrot – Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat *(The hat is awesome too!!) Quest: Avast Ye, Admiral! *Note: You must also be honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers which means you are AT WAR with Booty Bay and cannot go to Booty Bay.
n. Crawdad – you can get a box by talking to Mr. Pinchy (no im not making this up) You get 3 wishes one might be a Magical Crawdad Box that has a pet…again I am NOT making this up…Terokkar Forest.
o. Bird – Miniwing reward from quest: SkyWing – Terokkar Forest
P. Tiny Elf – Winterveil Festival Reward – requires snowballs
Q. Reindeer – Winterveil Festival Reward – requires snowballs
R. Snowman – Winterveil Festival Reward – Requires Snowballs – stationary pet on a timer.

III. Special Release Pets
a. Diablo – Original Special Edition release of World of Warcraft
b. Panda – Original Special Collectors Edition release of World of Warcraft
c. Zergling – Original Special Collectors Edition release of World of Warcraft
d. Blue Murloc – BlizzCon 2005 participants/early registrants prize
e. Hippogryph Hatchling – WoW Trading Card Game Loot Card: Thunderhead Hippogryph
f. Netherwhelp – Burning Crusade – Special Collectors Edition pet


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This is a guide to earn money fast and easy in Shadowprey Village, Desolace (horde only).

Here goes:
Go to Shadowprey Village in Desolace.
Talk to Jinar’Zillen standing close to the flightmaster.
He has a repeatable quest called ‘Fish In A Bucket’, where you
have to gather Shellfish in some traps/cages in the water.
The cages opens like chests and can have all kinds of things inside them, but mostly 1-4 shellfish, grey items or a mob(!). These can be hard at level 30, so if one spawns, hurry to the guards on land or vanish.

Easy cage/trap spawn points (if you do not feel like swimming far):
Red dots = cages/traps
Green dot = Jinar’Zillen

Jinar’Zillen wants 5 shellfish for 55s and a Bloodbelly Fish.

Helpful tips:
Warlocks: Unending breath
Druid: Aquatic form
Other classes: Underwater breathing potions (made by Alchemists)
Remember to empty the cages completely before swimming to the next one. If you do not take all the loot they will not respawn with new goodies.

This brings in about 1-10g(no underwater breathing)/1-15g(with underwater breathing) per hour depending on your luck.

This guide was brought to you by Brutestab, Orc Rogue @ Argent Dawn EU. If you have any questions – ask here or in-game. Thanks!

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