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My very favorite Alice unearthed another gem, Faces of WoW is a site dedicated to real world pictures of World of Warcraft players. The site is a collection of photos of the guys and gals of WoW along with a few photos that show real world gamer and their game avatar side-by-side.


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WoW That’s A Cake

Wow, just wow. I’ve seen my share of amazing cakes in my days on Kotaku, but this one really takes the… OK, I’m not going to say that. But it really is a cool cake. II especially love the little chains on the bottom of the axes.

The cake was made by a WoW addict’s girlfriend who also happens to be a spectacular cake maker.

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I am the one of plays on Vashj US sever which guild is Unequivoacl, and my ID is SuperTank
It’s more exciting when comes to database film. We may prompt item property through inlayed stone which can be exchanged by emblem, 2 Gold, or honor point. The best stone is covered by stone artisan. If you want to gain a various property, you make have full skill in lapidary.
When it reached LV.70, the way to get item is more viable: counterpart, battlefield, a-heater, and of course the prestige.
The best item always come from a 10 group which in counterpart.
It’s the same war-items with higher property but still meet a gap with epic item
Prestige is good item which is epic in blue helm, but may have a little violet in part, having more restrictive in lacking all of parts. Good luck.
By the way, the best method to hunt a prestige helm is using hero-classified counterpart, which are all over the violet Item. Otherwise, getting in focus on prestige point shall be more smart, when playing the game, it should be more relax.
A piece of words about guild to open up a wild-world:
Believing you may find NAXX all around internet, and all over lv.70 character with high level item & familiar hunting route, our guild got through that after 1 week.
Karazhan, did not fighting us every day, costing us 2 weeks involved with monsters and Boss. Our guild is the first to pass that place. To use right way with skilled cooperation, above all, is only words I want to say.
About 25 people counterpart in High King Maulgar, returned to the day we got through Karazhan, we were exciting and getting to that counterpart, destroyed a epic monster but unfortunately the Boss there chopped at him around 16000 HP, dead. I should have my shield opening and wished to fight but in vain. Finally, we got off with tired body, called it a day.
In addition, in outland, including 5 people counterpart that the Key Mission which almost in all counterpart, have more difficulty in flight with boss who have advanced skill and Item. My may discuss these later, anyway it’s hard then before. The key point is have more force on cooperation and team work, and it’s unviable if you fighting only with T3 Item.
Enough I think due to there are so many assignment waiting for me. A little random here, and I will make up when something come out of my mind, hoping a little help. Don’t fall back, anyway, everybody fuel! If some one want to be a warrior, in my experience, whether you can driven it well or not depends on how do you recognized of warrior which have more duty in the game, and continue to march.
There are so many words about T4 and T5, only for sure is T4 come out from Karazhan with emblem which may exchanged a hand helm from NPC. T5 has so many uncertain elements that can not be beat. If I got some, I will tell you later for some of us did it ever. Anyway, I think, a 10 group all of lv70 in counterpart may do better then 40, but not absolutely.

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About the wow

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Recently the editors down at CGW (Computer Gaming World) got to sit in with Blizzard at their HQ in Irvine, CA. When they went in they told Blizzard that they wanted all information revealed. No secrets, nothing hidden,and that the only way they would agree to post an article would be to allow the CGW staffers to play it in all of its glory. Blizzard accepted and now a month later we are slammed with tons of new info as well as almost a sigh of relief as the staff of CGW seemed to praise the game even in its current state very highly. Below is a summary of what was revealed as well as what we may expect from the game: (Note: Scans were not put up by the Stratics staff due to our respect to the magazine and legal matters. We suggest buying the magazine as well to give the support to the CGW guys who brought this to us)

The most shocking and revealing of all the information given to us is the new races and the confirmation of only two factions, The Alliance and the Horde. Adding onto the Horde race is most notably the Undead. The Undead are not actually part of Arthus’s undead but a splintered off portion. Perhaps of the Forsaken that we see at the end of WC3 Frozen Throne, but no one knows for sure. It is explained that the Undead look sort of like zombies but definitely with humanoid features. We have to wait for Blizzard to see how they explain this and connect the two. The other two races announced were the trolls adding to the Horde and in a surprise the gnomes for the alliance. These races are fairly new and weren’t actually implemented into the game yet as they were still working on them at the time CGW was there.

On top of revealing the rest of the races, Blizzard also decided to reveal the last of the classes as well. First up being the healer of the game, the priest. However this is not your normal cleric that just heals, sits down, and stands up again to heal. Priests will be using types of mind magic depending if they train in Holy or Shadow magics. This will definitely add a new twist on healer classes. The next class is the Rogue who has been categorized as the stealthy, sneaky, typical thief characters. However it is said they may put out some of the most damage as well as also using disguises, poisoning their weapons, and being able to be stealthy. The last base class to be announced was the long awaited Paladin class. Paladins are said to have high defenses as well as the ability to make wards and use auras similar to the ones found in Warcraft 3. On top of all these it is said that at level 40 your character will become a “hero” class and be able to specialize in certain abilities to make such characters like the mountain king and demon hunter, but these will be limited by class/race restrictions.

Continuing on with the new information, character creation comes up. It was revealed that when making a character you will not have to go through the headaches of allocating stat points to certain attributes and having the chance of realizing that you messed up thirty levels down the road. All you will have to worry about is your class/race, name, and your appearance then your set and in the game. This should make it more user friendly and easier to get right into it.

Mounts have also been a topic of discussion as each race gets specific mounts that they can ride. Up to this point we have had humans with horses, dwarves with rams, and orcs with wolves. Now however we have the rest of the race’s mounts revealed (or some what). The night elves will have the night sabers, the beautiful white tiger looking beasts that the Priestess of the Moon is seen riding in Warcraft 3. The undead will use a Nightmare as a mount. Nightmares are demonic horses, usually with glowing eyes of fire and dark colored fur. Tauren will not have a mount but be blessed with an ability known as Plains Running which will allow them to run as fast as a mount. Seeing as how trolls and gnomes are still in development no word on their mounts, speculation is pointing towards the trolls riding a low to the ground bat and gnomes riding in some type of invention they created.

More air mounts have also been revealed. All with the same purpose still as the basic gryphon, where you fly from one station to another with no control over actually flying it but being able to move the camera. Night Elves will be using hypogryhs instead of gryphons. The Horde’s standard flying mount will be that of a wyvern, however undead will actually fly bat-like creatures. Both Horde and Alliance will also be able to use stations from the neutral city that the goblins run.

It has also been confirmed that alliance and horde races will NOT be able to group up. It had been hinted at before but this is definite confirmation. Also noted is that all alliance races will start with the Common language skill and horde races will all know orcish. It is still believed that you can perhaps learn the language of fellow races. Undead, being humans in their past life, know the language of both and will be able to understand both. Most speculation by the player-base also think that gnomes may also be able to understand both languages being the intellectual of the races of the Alliance.

Details about how the PvP System will work have been finally revealed after much delay. Though the specifics of how it work were not gone through in exact detail we do know this much; PvP will be consensual in most areas of the world. This pretty much means you can duel other races but you don’t have to accept the duels if you do not wish too. The now well known coliseum will also be a place that you can pit players against other players in this environment. That much we already pretty much knew. The part that is new is that the 10% PvP area will be in what they call ‘battlefield zones’. You will be able to fight over these battlefield zones to take them over for your faction, this will including big wars, taking over towns, even fighting against and with NPC’s of the various factions. Similar to DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) but yet slightly different in some ways, we will have to wait for the exact details to fully delve into it.

Leveling up and questing details also have been leaked out through the magazine. It seems that Blizzard is taking more of a firm stance on questing rather then just always having to mindlessly bash snakes and rabbits. It is explained that the quests start off small, but allow you to build up your experience as well as pick from various rewards at the start of the quest. The quests then pick up and eventually start leading you into new lands and introducing you to new parts of the world. There are tons of quests in the game and you find yourself doing so much stuff that when you do level you’ll actually be surprised rather then killing a hundred bunnies and watching your experience bar not budge an inch. When you level your main skill caps will automatically go up as well so you won’t have to worry about training them. One of the cooler quests mentioned is that of an abomination quest. It starts out in town by bringing various parts back to this NPC. It turns out in the end that he was actually building an abomination that then comes to life and runs through town. The NPC guards actually charge it and it swipes them out of the way and rampages through until killed. If this is one of the lower level quests and stuff like this happens then this game is leading MMORPG’s in a whole new level of fun for questing.

Last but not least is the way dungeons will be handled in WoW. It is told that there area already a 100+ micro dungeons in the game that will allow players to team up and strategically fight through them. There are also twenty large dungeons in the game at the moment as well. The largest actually being able to take up to week real time to clear out with a big guild force. Dungeons will not be made for solo players either, it is stated the monsters will be stronger then average monsters and take groups and actually strategy to take down these monsters. Instancing also gets brought into the topic of dungeons adding a part to it. Though not saying if it just micro or the huge dungeons, but instancing will happen with all of them. However once you get in the dungeon if some friends log on you can actually invite them to your “instanced” dungeon. Blizzard is putting in a friend’s list feature which will allow you to group up with anyone, anywhere. By doing this you won’t be bumping heads with other players/guilds when trying to take down the big dragon boss.

CGW walked out after two days of playing and had a very high praise, but what they said at the end of the article catches us the most. ‘Be Ready, Beta is Coming’. Perhaps this is a sign that beta testing may just be right around the corner.

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