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I have heard that some players like to buy World of Warcraft gold in some sites. In my opinion, i don’t suggest players to purchase gold in real world. There are many bad effects of buying WoW Gold. I will list part of them.

Firstly, as we know, no matter how much gold do we buy in the real world, we will use it up in the game. This will distroy the game balance. The gold will become cheaper and cheaper in the game. Everyone will have gold to buy brilliant equipments. I think you will lose interesting, too.

Secondly, there are many many sellers in internet. Most of them are cheaters. You may meet a cheater easily in internet. They may don’t send your product. I have ever met such kind of cheater. This is one of the reasons i don’t like to purchase gold.

Last but not least, once you have bought gold in a site. You will be down to sbbbe dependent on that. You won’t farm gold anymore. You will find this game become colorless. Cause everything seems easy to get. It will cost much real world money from you. In my opinion, this part of money can be saved easily. As your level grows up, you can kill higher level monsters. It may drop items and equipments, you can sell them, it can earn you much gold. And i believe you can get much happiness in doing this. You will feel proud when you killed a high level monster.

In a word, if you love World of Warcraft, i believe you won’t buy game gold in real world.


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As we know, game gold in ward of warcraft means money in our society. If you have no gold, you cant do anything in the game. I have wrote articles about how to farm world of warcraft gold quickly. But if you don’t have much time to do that, the best way for you to get gold is purchasing some gold in a site.

Firstly, you should search the sites in google. Usually, google lists good reputation sites in the first 5 pages. You can choose a site and start to talk with it’s customer service operator. Good sites always have excellent customer service. Also, after you buy the gold, they will help you to get the gold quickly. It is the first judgement about a site.

Secondly, you should compare several sites about the price. Some site sell gold in a incredible low price. I suggest that don’t buy gold from them. They may get gold by illegal ways. The gold may lead your account got banned by Blizzard. Some other sites sell gold at very high price. I am not mean that you cant buy cheap or expensive gold. Just give you advise to buy safe gold at a reasonable price.

At last, if you are a new buyer for a site. You need to register in the site firstly. Remember to leave your real information. Some site may call you as you are a new buyer. If you missed the call, they may delay your order for the security of buyer’s paypal. When they call you , you just need to confirm order information. This is called confirmation call. Most sites have this step. Then you have finished your buying process. They usually deliver product in very short time. But if the gols in your server is on hot sale, you may need to wait for few hours. Many sites will send you an email or call you when they finish sending the gold. You should check your email box frequently. If you don’t receive your product over 24 hrs. I think you can contact the customer service. That’s why i have mentioned before, good customer service is important. The customer service operators will contact sender for you. I believe you can get your gold soon then.

In a word, there are many cheaters in internet. We should distinguish them from good sellers. Wish you have a good experience about buying gold. and i sugget you can try Usfine.com wow gold service!

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There is many WOW Gold seller:
1 www.ige.com
The bigest Seller,but they price is higly.
2 www.usfine.com
The great seller,Good choice,Service was great,but they need improving them self.
3 www.thsale.com
Also a great choice….

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When we intend to purchase wow gold, we always want to choose the sites which can deliver gold fast. Also, we need cheap and safe gold. The credit standing is a primary equation we should consider.
I summarized the following experience:
1. To buy wow gold in a famous site is unnecessary. Why? The famous sites have long history, but they also have invested much in ad-rate. Such as advertise in Google or Yahoo. In this case, the sale price cannot but involve the ad-rate. Let’s say, we buy any other product which should pay tax. Most people don’t realize a truth that much gold in the place which product gold will be very cheap. Cause the cost is very low and there is no other tax. It not as the same in our US, the price is very high. However, as to customer, no matter where to get the gold has no difference.
2. Too cheap wow gold is not safe. This is a simple truth. If the price is too low, we should consider about the source of the gold. Blizzard has a strict principle about gold. Gold from normal path was allowed to be trade. But the gold produced by bug may bring our account banned. That’s unworthy.
3. Choose a site which has a good credit standing, dare to have a try. I have bought gold from few unfamous sites and received good service, such as usfine.com. Maybe it because they happened to have the gold in my server, they delivered my gold very soon. Of course it is by chance. I set up this example and try to explain that dare to have a try is allimportant. Sometimes it can save ys much money.^^
Anyway, we should make a choice according to our consumed ability and our own habit and hobby. All the above is only my personal opinion.

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